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Workshop evaluation / sharing presentations

Evaluation form for High Latitude Dynamics workshop. 

Also please indicate if you are willing to share your presentation online.  The default will be NOT  to share your presentation.

For posters or revised presentations – please provide a PDF here.

Filename:  LastName_<SessionAbbrev>_poster.pdf, where SessionAbbrev is CP, PP, EE, or LS depending on your session (Coupled Processes, etc).

To give anonymous evaluation  AND indicate if you want to share your presentation, just submit the form two times.

Invited speakers reimbursement

Necessary travel reimbursement forms include:

a1. travel reimbursement (reiseregning) – pdf (English, not fillable). (can also use to interpret fillable form below)
a2. travel reimbursement (reiseregning) – doc  (Norwegian – fillable).

b. bank account form – .docx  (We will need IBAN and SWIFT (BIC) code)

c. copy of passport (if not Norwegian).

d. Receipts (originals)

As invited speakers we are covering travel expenses to/and from Rosendal for the workshop and incidental associated expenses (travel meals, etc), and extra night hotel stays  when necessary for travellers from outside Europe.   We are not paying per-diem since the hotel package includes meals,  but do include meal expenses while on travel  (Please estimate those but receipts are not necessary).   Please ask about any questions.

Please send all documents to UiB electronically (post(at) with Paul in cc.   Payments will be set up to be processed as soon as the originals arrive.  Post originals to:

GFI, Univ of Bergen
Attn: HighLatDynamics
Postboks 7803

For those who received WMO funding (Heinemann, Renfrew, Screen, Tjernstrom, Vihma) , you should include hotel expenses on your forms.  Deduct the amount received in your account from WMO in the ‘Less advance received’.  Correction:  Claim expenses only for amounts in excess of the WMO funding.  Do NOT mark the ‘Less amount received’ box.  (It results in an accounting error here).   In the notes – just summarize TOTAL  expenses and the WMO money received.  Note that hotel includes room/full board in the remarks.

Most expenses should be listed on the back side of the form:  Flight, taxis, buses in the top section, details for meals (and hotel for WMO-funded) in the bottom.  Use exchange rates indicated  on your card statements including card fees.  Otherwise use published rates at the time of purchase.

Please submit your travel reimbursement forms as soon as possible.

Upload Presentations

Upload presentations here. 

Please give file name as  –


E.g.:  CP4_hezel.pdf

CP  = Coupled Processes

PP = Polar Prediction

EE = Extreme Events

LS = Large Scale Processes

Use session ID number as given in the agenda.

For rapporteur files:  Please name as




Shown is the bus station  (orange), Strandkaiterminalen (red), and Flybussen stops in town.  Click on map to see some food/drink and other options.



Ferry will stop directly at Hotel on Sunday evening, arriving 20:40.   Others will disembark at Industrikai (Prob to SE of blue marker), a temporary terminal , and can walk to Rosendal Fjordhotel (red marker) in about 10-15 min (< 1 km).  Keep the water to the right, and find the hotel after the bridge and the school.



WIFI:  Available as Eduroam at all Norwegian airports.   There should also be WIFI on the ferry and the Flybussen into Bergen.

For Sunday arrivals in Bergen:  There are storage lockers at the Strandkaiterminalen where the ferry leaves from to store your bags for the day.

Weather:  See the MET Norway site   It will rain.   Unless it doesn’t. Expect temperatures between 3 to 10 C.

Packing:  Raincoat and rain pants, practical walking/hiking shoes for Wednesday outing and long lunches.  Bathing suit for sauna (or morning fjord plunges if you prefer).

Dress:  Casual, with smart casual  at the conference dinner Wednesday night.

Cash/Bank cards:  Almost everywhere accepts cards, especially debit cards.  The exception is buying bus tickets on the bus (except for Flybussen and bus between the airport and the ferry kai at Flesland).   Cash machines are at airport and most banks, airport machines can exchange bank notes.

Prices:   Norway is not cheap. Expect to spend 10 NOK like you might spend a EUR, or a USD, and then you will still be surprised.  There are some restaurants suggested below.  Alcohol is especially expensive – expect 80 -90 NOK for a pint of beer, same for a glass of wine.  There is duty free at the airport when you arrive.  There will be some selection of low alcohol content beer in stores in Rosendal, but there will be no place to buy bottles of wine.  The hotel, of course, has a bar as well.

Sundays in Norway:  Most large supermarkets are closed, as are most non-touristic shops, and some of the museums.   Open food shops include Bunnpris, kiosks, and some of the small middle eastern and Asian food shops.

Electric:  220-230V, standard European 2 prong round plugs.

Food/Coffee/Beer suggestions for Bergen:

Restaurants:  Naboen (go downstairs, the upstairs is quite expensive).  Pingvinen. (get popcorn).  PygmalionKafe Spesial. DeStefanos.  Don PipposCafe Opera. USF-Verftet (fantastic waterside hangout if its nice out.)

Beer:  Henrik.    Pingvinen. NaboenDon Pippos (good wines).  Legal. Una. Bryggen Tracteursted  – buried in a cool part of Bryggen. USF-Verftet

Coffee:  BKB, Godt Brød (4 locations – good baked goods and lunches – see top 4 in store list).   Det Lille KafekompanietKaffemisjonen.  USF-Verftet

Activities in Bergen:

Floibanen, Ulriken, some of the museums are open, Bryggen of course, for a wander.

Bergen tourist information.  The tourist information center is closed on Sundays.   You can get a Bergen map at any hotel if you don’t find it at the airport.

Saturday after the conference:

Bondens Marked. 10-16h at Fisketorget.  Try the pannekake (pancakes) with as much jam and fresh cream as you want.  Also really good sausages and deer/lamb burgers.  Hard cheeses.  Reindeer cured sausage, brunost, and sheepskins.  All you could want in edible souvenirs from Norway.

Logistics survey

Please respond to  the following logistics survey by 16 Feb.

Food:  Norwegian cuisine more than commonly has meat.  Please let us know of dietary restrictions.  The breakfast will be buffet, but the other meals will be served.

Ferry Arrival and Departure:  Let us know if you plan to take the suggested ferries, so we can coordinate numbers with the ferry company, and ensure bus service from the airport to the ferry kai.

Wednesday afternoon outing/hike followed by aperitif:  Please indicate if you plan to participate.  This will be covered by the sponsors.  It will be about a 30 min drive in each direction.   The hike will be a couple of hours, along this route.  It is suitable for all abilities.

Roommates:  If you signed up for a double room and have a preference for a roommate, please indicate the person here.  People who have already indicated their preference to Paul do not need to do so again.

Return from Rosendal

Friday 27 March

For airline departures on Friday, see the ferry schedule below. We suggest airline departures after 17:00 on Friday.  Earlier departures will miss all or part of the Friday wrap-up.  Departures before ~09:00/09:15 on Friday will require a stay in Bergen/Airport on Thursday night, and will require an early departure from Rosendal on Thursday.

You will not need more than 45 min at the Bergen airport before your flight leaves.  See the website below and modify it for the departure schedule on other days.

Return Rosendal to Bergen Airport / Bergen

(1)  Ferry  departs 06:50 – arrives airport at 08:17

(2) Ferry departs 14:25 – arrives airport at 16:02, arrives Bergen sentrum 16:20.  (suggested option)  This ferry will depart after the end of the workshop and lunch on Friday.

(3) Other longer bus/ferry options to Bergen Airport/Flesland are at

07:50- 11:47;



Transport to Rosendal

To  Rosendal Sunday 22 March

Maps of Bergen/Rosendal to come.

There is  only one direct ferry from the Airport/Bergen sentrum to Rosendal.  We recommend this one,  with extra time before ferry departure spent in Bergen sentrum on Sunday 22 March.    Arrivals after 18:30 at BGO on Sunday 22 March will need to take the ferry the next day.

(1) Direct from Bergen Airport  departs 19:00 – arrives 20:40

(2a) Bus to Bergen sentrum then (2b) Ferry/Bus from Bergen sentrum departs 18:45 – arrives 20:40

(3) Other bus/ferry options below.

To find schedules other than outlined in posts below.

Departure From:

  • Bergen busstasjon (Bergen) (for buses)
  • Strandkaiterminalen båtkai (Bergen) (for ferries)
  • Bergen lufthavn flesland (for airport)


  • Rosendal båtkai (Kvinnherad) (ferry)
  • Rosendal fjordhotel (bus)

The ferry on Sunday evening will make a stop directly at the Rosendal Fjordhotel.  Any other ferry arrivals will be a short walk (<10 min) from the ferry kai.  Keep the water on your right. 

(1) DIRECT  from BERGEN AIRPORT  to Rosendal:

Evening ferry19:00 from airport

Step 1. 3020 bus takes you from airport to the ferry at 19:00. Bus ticket is 60  NOK.  (Can pay by card)

Step 2. Ferry leaves at Flesland batkai at 19:10. The ferry operates like a bus – quick on and quick off (except at final Rosendal destination). Be ready.  Get the roundtrip ticket for 534 NOK on board if you will take the ferry on return trip – cash or card. (One-way is 356 NOK).  Arrives 20:40.

Other  options (

from the airport  include ferries and are longer, and an extra bus (with a long wait for that bus): 13:00 and 14:45 see the link below. The 760 bus will drop you direct in front of the Rosendal Fjordhotel. You can buy tickets with CASH only on the bus, or with cash/card at an automatic kiosk. (See website at :

(Note that the FLY bus takes you to Bergen Sentrum, and is outlined below).


(Busses are directly outside of exit from Airport)

Buses leave every 15 min.  90/160 NOK one way/roundtrip (70/130 NOK students/seniors).   Save stub for return journey.  Tickets can be purchased on bus with cards/cash.  Additional discount for online purchase – see website above. If you plan on returning direct to the airport on Friday 27 March (see below), you will not need a return ticket.

In Bergen:  Get off at Festplassen or Torget to be in center of Bergen. All stops from Bergen busstasjon to the end of the bus route are in the city center and easily walkable.

(2b) From BERGEN SENTRUM to Rosendal.  18:45 from Strandkai terminalen

(If you arrive at BGO with your bag before about 16:15, it is worth going to Bergen sentrum to have a look around.)

Best option: Evening ferry. Leaves  Bergen sentrum at 18:45 (from Strandkaiterminalen batkai), behind Fisketorget (Fishmarket). Buy ticket onboard. Roundtrip ticket is 534 NOK on board – cash or card. (One-way is 356 NOK).  Arrives Rosendal 20:40.

(3) Other options ( from Sentrum

Ferry/Bus options at 12:45 and 14:30, that are longer, and involve a long wait for the bus at the end. The 760 bus will drop you direct in front of the Rosendal Fjordhotel. Buses in the city center leave from the Bergen busstasjon. Note the bus number, the destination, and the letter of the departure point at the busstasjon. You can buy tickets with CASH only on the bus, or with cash/card at an automatic kiosk. The information desk at the busstasjon will be closed on Sundays.

 Modify departure points as necessary:

  • Bergen busstasjon (Bergen) (for buses)
  • Strandkaiterminalen båtkai (Bergen) (for ferries)
  • Bergen lufthavn flesland (for airport)