Invited speakers reimbursement

Necessary travel reimbursement forms include:

a1. travel reimbursement (reiseregning) – pdf (English, not fillable). (can also use to interpret fillable form below)
a2. travel reimbursement (reiseregning) – doc  (Norwegian – fillable).

b. bank account form – .docx  (We will need IBAN and SWIFT (BIC) code)

c. copy of passport (if not Norwegian).

d. Receipts (originals)

As invited speakers we are covering travel expenses to/and from Rosendal for the workshop and incidental associated expenses (travel meals, etc), and extra night hotel stays  when necessary for travellers from outside Europe.   We are not paying per-diem since the hotel package includes meals,  but do include meal expenses while on travel  (Please estimate those but receipts are not necessary).   Please ask about any questions.

Please send all documents to UiB electronically (post(at) with Paul in cc.   Payments will be set up to be processed as soon as the originals arrive.  Post originals to:

GFI, Univ of Bergen
Attn: HighLatDynamics
Postboks 7803

For those who received WMO funding (Heinemann, Renfrew, Screen, Tjernstrom, Vihma) , you should include hotel expenses on your forms.  Deduct the amount received in your account from WMO in the ‘Less advance received’.  Correction:  Claim expenses only for amounts in excess of the WMO funding.  Do NOT mark the ‘Less amount received’ box.  (It results in an accounting error here).   In the notes – just summarize TOTAL  expenses and the WMO money received.  Note that hotel includes room/full board in the remarks.

Most expenses should be listed on the back side of the form:  Flight, taxis, buses in the top section, details for meals (and hotel for WMO-funded) in the bottom.  Use exchange rates indicated  on your card statements including card fees.  Otherwise use published rates at the time of purchase.

Please submit your travel reimbursement forms as soon as possible.