Logistics survey

Please respond to  the following logistics survey by 16 Feb.

Food:  Norwegian cuisine more than commonly has meat.  Please let us know of dietary restrictions.  The breakfast will be buffet, but the other meals will be served.

Ferry Arrival and Departure:  Let us know if you plan to take the suggested ferries, so we can coordinate numbers with the ferry company, and ensure bus service from the airport to the ferry kai.

Wednesday afternoon outing/hike followed by aperitif:  Please indicate if you plan to participate.  This will be covered by the sponsors.  It will be about a 30 min drive in each direction.   The hike will be a couple of hours, along this route.  It is suitable for all abilities.

Roommates:  If you signed up for a double room and have a preference for a roommate, please indicate the person here.  People who have already indicated their preference to Paul do not need to do so again.