Return from Rosendal

Friday 27 March

For airline departures on Friday, see the ferry schedule below. We suggest airline departures after 17:00 on Friday.  Earlier departures will miss all or part of the Friday wrap-up.  Departures before ~09:00/09:15 on Friday will require a stay in Bergen/Airport on Thursday night, and will require an early departure from Rosendal on Thursday.

You will not need more than 45 min at the Bergen airport before your flight leaves.  See the website below and modify it for the departure schedule on other days.

Return Rosendal to Bergen Airport / Bergen

(1)  Ferry  departs 06:50 – arrives airport at 08:17

(2) Ferry departs 14:25 – arrives airport at 16:02, arrives Bergen sentrum 16:20.  (suggested option)  This ferry will depart after the end of the workshop and lunch on Friday.

(3) Other longer bus/ferry options to Bergen Airport/Flesland are at

07:50- 11:47;