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Workshop Agenda (final 20/3/2015)

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Oral presentations

Invited talks are 25 minutes followed by 5 min for questions.

Contributed talks are 12 minutes followed by 3 min for questions.


The dimensions of the display boards allow 100 cm wide x 110 cm high. Please keep posters within these limits.

BAMS article

We are planning on submitting an article that not only summarizes the main points of the workshop, but describes a roadmap for future work in understanding of the polar regions and polar prediction.

Anyone interested in being actively involved with the BAMS article please let me know.


To have a good summary of the workshop and to aid the preparation of the BAMS article, we’d like 1-2 rapporteurs to take notes for each session. Any early career/students that are interested, please let me know, and include the session. (It will be something that can be put on your CV.) Travel grantees can expect to be asked to contribute.

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